Tree Service in Kansas City

Tree Service Kansas City Missouri

Operating in the Kansas City Missouri region for many years, General Lawn & Tree Service Corp provides a complete range of services to help home and business owners beautify their landscape and preserve their property values.

General Lawn and Tree Services include:

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is essential to preserve the aesthetic beauty and structural integrity of the trees on your Kansas City property. In addition to promoting healthy and balanced tree growth; light pruning and the removal of deadwood year round allows for sufficient space between branches for proper air circulation which reduces potential damage from wind and storms. Large scale tree pruning projects are best done during early spring or late winter. Consult with a General Lawn Tree Service specialist for a complete assessment.

Tree trimming and tree removal

Disease, storm damage or unruly growth that interferes with your home, business and nearby power lines are among the various concerns that require professional tree removal services. When regular tree trimming is not enough to prevent damage to your commercial or residential property, our certified Kansas City, MO arborists offer expertise in assessing the need for tree removal services that will keep your property safe.

Tree Pest management

Dead branches, wilted or fading leaves and bleeding sap are just some of the signs that a tree is having health problems. An experienced and trained arborist can assess the health of any tree and provide recommendations for effective pest management to protect your property and its occupants.

Emergency Tree Removal

Severe storms and unpredictable weather may pose a serious threat to trees and consequently, the security of your property. If inclement weather has damaged your trees or interfered with power lines, consult with our certified arborist promptly for an expert assessment to either salvage a tree, or ensure its safe removal. Broken branches, fallen or entirely uprooted trees require the expertise of a tree care professional. General Lawn & Tree Service Corp provides emergency tree removal to commercial and residential property owners in the Kansas City region at any time, day or night.

Tree Stump Removal

Protect your driveway and other paved areas surrounding your Kansas City, MO. property with the services of our licensed arborists. We are equipped to remove unsightly tree stumps that may also pose a threat to safety and the stability of nearby structural foundations. Our tree care experts use the most advanced equipment to grind, shave and completely remove tree stumps below ground level. Your surrounding landscape is left intact and easily restored for laying soil or lawn regrowth.